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strategy session

A one-time 90-minute session with Jo, focusing on one specific issue that you are facing, such as:

  • You are having a conflict with another person or couple and aren’t sure how to proceed
  • You need to talk to your partner about something specific, and don’t how best to do it
  • You have an event coming up and have some questions or concerns

These are great for focusing on one specific problem or issue

Cost: $195

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monthly coaching

Work with Jo on an ongoing basis. This is ideal if you don’t need the structure of a specific program, but need the help and support to help you reach your goals. These coaching sessions can be about lifestyle and confidence issues, or other struggles you are facing, personally or professionally

Weekly 45-minute calls, via phone or video, $395 a month
Biweekly 45-minute calls, via phone or video, $249 a month

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get out of your head and into their bed course


Change your relationship with your thoughts and emotions

Stop struggling with self doubt
Learn to be fully present and engaged in the moment

Learn to handle the fear of rejection

Learn body language and how to read people

Learn how to make people like you

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Get a jump start on your confidence with Jo's FREE 3-Day Confidence Course.

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