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meet jo!

Hi, I’m Jo Leavitt. My husband and I have been in the Lifestyle for 16 years. In that time, I’ve seen a lot of people blossom! I’ve seen people who have struggled with confidence finally accept their bodies, their kinks, and their uniqueness, and it’s a beautiful thing! But I’ve also seen a lot of people struggle in the Lifestyle. They struggle with their confidence, with being socially awkward, and with not knowing what to do to play regularly and consistently.

Seeing that struggle, seeing all the people who don’t participate in the Lifestyle like they want to, like they see other people doing, was what led me to start The Confident Swinger. My biggest goal, my passion, is helping you get what you want out of the Lifestyle. 

I am a certified Lifestyle and Confidence Coach. I love coaching; to help people go from a dream to a reality, to see someone build their confidence and embrace all that life, and the Lifestyle, has to offer, is a dream come true. There is just nothing that fills me up more than that! Well, maybe one thing…

I am annoyingly optimistic, and I see the best in every situation. I believe that the only thing holding you back from achieving all of your dreams, is you. And YOU have the power to change all that, to grab life by the balls and fuck it into submission! You are AMAZING! Everybody has unique strengths, abilities, and quirks that make them special, and that specialness should be celebrated, not hidden away. I want to help you see yourself for the true BADASS you are!

I live in Springfield, Missouri with my husband. We have 4 adult sons, 3 daugher-in-laws, and 3 AMAZING grandbabies. Other than the Lifestyle, I love to read and learn, to play games and hang out with fun people, to take adventures, and to travel-Hedo is my happy place. And I am a sucker for a terrible dad joke, the more cringe worthy the better.

The Confident Swinger


Where we grow your self confidence and badassery so you can fully experience the Lifestyle of your choice.

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why hire jo?

  • Confidentiality-Jo gives you the ability to talk about your Lifestyle wants, needs, and desires in a safe place, with no judgment
  • Accountability partner-Jo will call you on your shit, and will hold you accountable to follow through with your plans
  • Thinking partner-Jo will talk through your struggles and goals, and help you see the blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Achieve your goals-Jo can help you achieve your goals faster and easier than you can on your own
  • You need some outside help-If you could have done it by yourself, you would have done it by now
  • Cheerleader-Jo is your biggest fan, and she wants nothing more than to help you. Yes, YOU! So in Jo, you get a coach and a guide, but you also get a cheerleader, encouraging you every step of the way!
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"I took the coaching session and applied in the Lifestyle and it has made a difference. Jo’s coaching sessions are great for those that need help navigating this tricky Lifestyle and cannot talk to others about it. I appreciate very much what she is doing. I would most definitely make another appointment to speak with Jo if any other questions/coaching is needed."

- Amanda


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