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Get Out of Your Head & Into Their Bed

Learn how to overcome your shyness, accept yourself for the true badass you are, and connect with people in a way you never have before.

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Hey you sexy freak! Here's an important question for you...

Is your shyness or lack of confidence holding you back from the LS experiences you want?

You are in the Lifestyle because you wanted more. You weren’t content with what you “should” do. You wanted to be free to experience new things, exciting things, sexual things. You wanted to push your sexual boundaries, and open up new worlds of pleasure, for you and for your partner.

But you want to explore those things with other people. And that means you need to meet new people. You need to connect with new people. You need to flirt with new people.

And… that’s a problem.

let me guess...

You don’t know how to talk to new people & feel awkward in social situations

You get overwhelmed by the mere THOUGHT of going up and talking to someone

You feel inadequate, like there’s nothing special enough about you to attract other people

You find yourself on the sidelines, watching other people interact while you just…sit and watch

"Jo is a breath of fresh air in the coaching world! She is so open, friendly, and genuine. I love being able to talk about absolutely anything with her in a frank and non-judgmental way. When she guides me to tackle uncomfortable topics I feel supported and heard. Best yet, her process works! I'm nearing the end of her three-month program and feel light-years better than where I started. I believe it takes a very special coach to know how to help with confidence issues, especially in the Lifestyle. I highly recommend working with Jo. The investment is so worth it."

- jen g.

But here’s the thing. You’re not alone. Millions of people struggle with the same thing.

But shyness and lack of confidence are NOT unchangeable personality traits. They CAN be changed.

I’ve got the secrets to unlocking a new, confident, charismatic you. A new BADASS you!

What if you could....

Approach anybody you wanted

Talk to anybody you wanted

Understand what people wanted, so you’d know how to interact with them

Overcome your fear of rejection

The Get Out of Your Head & Into Their Bed Program

I show you how to change your relationship with your thoughts and your fears. How to change your relationship with YOURSELF. And I will help you learn how to use body language, your own and everyone else’s, to get what you really want.

This is NOT the usual self-help, do some positive affirmations and it’ll change your life bullshit. This is different.

I will help you recognize your thoughts and change your relationship with them forever

I will help you read people, so you know what they are thinking and what they want

I will teach you how to use YOUR body language to draw people to you

I will help you change your relationship with fear, so you don’t let the fear hold you back from what you REALLY want

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Take a look at the course modules and

discover exactly what you'll learn


What's Your Why?


Get very clear on what you want - You may think you know what you want on the surface, but we are going to dig deeper, and find what you REALLY want, and why

Create your ideal outcome - You need to have a destination before you can know how to get there. So we will create your ideal outcomes, your ultimate goals, and then break that down into manageable steps


How Are You Showing Up Now?


What are your current behaviors? - How are you acting now? What are your current behaviors?

What is your body language communicating to other people - You have to know where you are starting. Your body language tells a story; what story is your body telling others?


Defusing From Your Thoughts


Recognizing your thoughts - The first stop to managing your thoughts is recognizing what they are. So much of our cognition is done subconsciously or on auto pilot. We are going to change that.

Learn how to defuse from them so they don’t affect your behavior - You can’t stop your thoughts, but you can create distance so your thoughts don’t negatively affect your actions


Learning Body Language


Learn how your thoughts and emotions affect your body language - To control your body language, you have to recognize how your thoughts and emotions affect that body language

Learn what other people are thinking and feeling based on their body language - Understanding how a person’s body language mirrors their thoughts and feelings helps you to read people, so you know what they want and how to respond to them


Accepting Your Thoughts


Avoidance vs acceptance - Avoiding your thoughts gives you no control over them. Instead, learn how to accept them

Struggle mode vs obey mode - When you have negative thoughts and feelings, your natural reaction is to struggle against them, or obey them. Learn both responses, and how to overcome them

Other Modules Included:

Module Six: Body Language and Intentions

  • Learn how to approach people
  • Learn how your intentions affect your body language

Module Seven: Present Moment

  • Learn how to be fully engaged in the moment
  • How being present increases your chances and your happiness

Module Eight: Acting with Fear

  • Learn how to face your fear(s)
  • Learn how to handle those thoughts and take action anyway

Module Nine: Body Acceptance

  • Learn to accept your body flaws
  • Be compassionate with yourself

Module Ten: Be Interested, Not Interesting

  • Learn up close body language
  • How do people respond to you
  • What do people really want?

Module Eleven: Putting It All Together

  • Putting yourself out there
  • Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable

Module Twelve: Making the First Move

  • Fear of rejection
  • Proactive instead of reactive

wait! thats not all!

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Body Language 101 Guide

Making the First Move 101 Guide

Defusion Techniques

Are you ready to STAND OUT and STEP INTO the life you want? Are you ready to make all your LS dreams come true?



3 Monthly Payments

  • 12, In-Depth Modules
  • BONUS: Body Language 101 Guide
  • BONUS: Making the First Move 101 Guide
  • BONUS: Defusion Techniques Guide
  • Lifetime Access to the Program
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One Time Payment

  • 12, In-Depth Modules
  • BONUS: Body Language 101 Guide
  • BONUS: Making the First Move 101 Guide
  • BONUS: Defusion Techniques Guide
  • Lifetime Access to the Program
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hey there!

I'm Jo!


I’ve been in the LS for 16 years. I’ve seen people blossom in the Lifestyle, and feel sexier and more accepted than they ever have! But I’ve also seen people struggle, and not find the confidence in themselves that everybody else in the Lifestyle seems to have. That’s what led me to start The Confident Swinger, to help people find that confidence in themselves, so they could get everything they wanted out of the Lifestyle.

And now it’s your turn! Imagine if you could engage and connect with new people at EVERY event! Imagine if you could feel confident with other people, and even in making the first move? You can do it, and I can help. I can help you not only manage your thoughts and feelings, and also learn how to read people, and understand how to make them respond to you.

This course is perfect for you if you want real results like....

Understanding body language. Most communication is done nonverbally. If you don’t understand what all of those signs mean, you are at a huge disadvantage.

Learning what people want, and how to give it to them. People don’t often come out and say what they want. You have to be able to read between the lines if you want the advantage. When you learn what people really want, you can learn how to give it to them.

Managing your fear, and taking action. You can’t stop fear, but you can learn to manage it. You can learn to feel it, and take action anyway.

Managing your own thoughts and feelings. Negative thoughts and feelings hold us back from SO MUCH! When you learn how to manage your thoughts and feelings, you take control of your life.

Learning how to put yourself out there. To connect with new people, you have to put yourself out there. Learn how to feel comfortable talking to and interacting with new people

Being comfortable making the first move. The fear of rejection holds so many people back from doing what they really want to do. Learn how to manage that fear, and learn how to make the first move with confidence.

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"When my husband and I decided to return to the lifestyle after a several year break, I felt like I needed to speak with someone to discuss insecurities that I had after being away for so long. Our session allowed me to gain a different perspective and approach others with more confidence."

- cristy

"Jo has this positive energy about her. Her approach is authentic, she listens and gives me time to reflect on issues that are close to my heart without making me feel that I would be judged. Through out my life, I have never had a happy intimate relationship. I have always thought that it's because I have not met the right person. Jo has coached and helped me gain clarity and become more aware of my true self. Jo helped me to realize that I will never find happiness in the "right person". I can only find happiness in me! Thank you Jo for being so accepting with me and my journey."

- van

"I had never spoken to a life coach before, in fact I never thought I would! After spending one hour with Jo, and how our conversation went, I had no idea how inspired I would feel. So if you have ever been skeptical about life coaching, don't be, and give Jo here a shot, she'll change your mind!"

- b. minick

still on the fence?

I completely understand. Every dollar invested is an important one, especially if it’s an investment in yourself. Shoot me an email at [email protected] and let’s chat about it!